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Soil maps on Google Earth

The website provides data and information on the soils of Emilia-Romagna, availing og Gooogle Earth and Google Earth plugin. A range of soil maps at variuos scales, derived thematic maps and maps of chemical and physical properties of soils.

Soil on Google EarthIn this easy to use website soil maps are available at the scales 1:1.000.000, 1:500.000, and 1:250.000 for the whole region, 1:50.000 for the plain and hills and 1:10.000 for some experimental farms. Many thematic maps are also available at different scales, e.g. about pedo-geochemical maps, heavy metal background maps, soil organic carbon stock, salinity etc.

(italian language)


Homepage is divided in four sectors: 

  1. Regional territory: soil maps at scales 1:100.000, 1:500.000 and 1:250.000
  2. Plain and hilly territory: soil map at 1:50.000 scale
  3. Thematic maps I. Maps of chemical and physical properties of soils
  4. Thematic maps II. Special purpose maps

It is possible for every layer to view the map (via Google Earth or Google Earth plugin), to go to metadata, to reports (PDF documents, only in Italian language) and to the legend (for some layers). Present maps (except for sector I) are periodically updated.



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