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Webgis on geological heritage

The webgis in this section have been realised to promote the knowledge of the geological heritage elements to both expert people (the webgis on geological heritage and caves ) and non-geologist users (webgis for promoting geology in a tourisitic idea, named "Geologia, storia e turismo). The "SentieriWEB" webgis publishes the database of about 7000 km of paths, that SGSS Emilia-Romagna updates since 2009, in collaboration with the CAI (club alpino italiano).

Geological heritage

Geological heritage and geosites of  Emilia-Romagna

Italian language

For each geosite identified, an explanatory chart contains a desciption of its characteristics, the reference geological map (1:1000 scale), one or more photos and further in-depth documents. The information is completed by the identifications of regional parks and natural reserves of the region.

Accesso al webgis Grotte

The caves of Emilia-Romagna (part of geological heritage)

italian language

Census of caves  realised in collaboration with Federazione Speleologica Regionale dell’Emilia-Romagna (FSRER).

Immagine di accesso al webgis Sentieri web

Emilia-Romagna trail network

Emilia Romagna excursionistic network web site
Since 2009 the SGSS is responsible for the database administration of the excursionisitc network of the region, according to the regional guidelines.


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