Geology, soil and seismic risk

Legislative framework on geodiversity protection

In 2006 Emilia-Romagna Region approved a regional legislation on the protection of the geodiversity ("Norme per la conservazione e valorizzazione della geodiversità dell’Emilia- Romagna e delle attività ad essa collegate" (9/2006).

This legislation set up the cadaster of the geosites, which includes the natural hypogean geosites, because it recognizes the public interest of the regional geodiversity and the geoheritage as repository of scientific, environmental, cultural and touristic-recreational values. The legislation states the difference between geosite and element of the geoheritage and it defines the procedure for the formal institution of a geosite. Furthermore, the legislation provides that the cadaster of the geosites be included in the framework of the cognitive tools for land and urban planning.

This legislation has certainly encouraged the activities relating to the promotion of the geological heritage but has not yet led to the definition of criteria and standards for its conservation, protection and management. To ensure the full implementation of the legislation, the Region has still to provide the guidance document on the conservation and enhancement of geodiversity in Emilia-Romagna. official institution of the "geosites of regional significance". that have to be submitted to the recommendation of the Scientific Committee headed by the regional law 9/2006 to this procedure. Afterwards, Emilia- Romagna Region will submit a selection of the regional geosites to the Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale (ISPRA) that is responsible for the National Catalogue of the Geosites.

At present, no geosite has been officially instituted. For this reason, the protection of the geoheritage in Emilia-Romagna is strictly connected with other forms of territorial protection and, in particular, those in act for the natural heritage. In other words, the Emilia-Romagna’s geoheritage is under protection only if it is included in the existing protected area (national and regional parks, regional reserve, etc.).


European Manifesto on Earth Heritage and Geodiversity

Recommendation Rec(2004)3 on conservation of the geological heritage and areas of special geological interest, 5/05/2004

The protection of the geological heritage of Emilia-Romagna:a preliminary overview on the state of the fact (pdf119.09 KB), poster presented in the framework of 7° EUREGEO, Bologna, 2012 - Sessione 4 poster 

The long way towards the conservation and enhancement of the geological heritage (pdf152.52 KB), oral presentation,  7° EUREGEO, Bologna 2012 - Session 4


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