Geology, soil and seismic risk

2021 - The new year calendar that invite you to find beauty in small things

An “artistic-scientific” calendar offering a vision of reality in which the invisible becomes visible and the infinitely small becomes large

We want to celebrate the new year with a new calendar, a collection of immagies that remember us that often the strongest or the biggest, in nature, aren't rewarded.

The smallest one get the best adaptability to new trasformatios and new balances, so we can obsreve and learn about how to becoming resilient.

The thin sections are small slices of rock, thick as 30 microns, as a hair. The geologist uses them to classify rocks, soils, fossils or minerals under the microscope. The spectacle that presents itself is, apart from the scientific interest, a hallucinating vertigo.

Let these images stimolate your sensitivity and imagination.

Happy 2021

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