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Between the land and the sea

a first and significant step to support the future planning of the marine space of our territory. The volume summarizes the work carried out and includes analyzes and proposals for the planning of the maritime space in Emilia-Romagna

The volume Between the land and the sea: Analysis and proposals for the planning of the maritime space in Emilia-Romagna, printed in June 2018, summarizes the study carried out by the CNR-ISMAR in collaboration with the Emilia-Romagna Region, thanks to funding from the Project  Bandiera Ritmare.

The knowledge framework on the coast and the sea uses has been deepened and the possible management objectives and implementation measures have been analyzed. This is a first and significant step to support the future "planning of the marine space of our territory" and to promote "blue growth".

The European framework

The great competition for the use of maritime and coastal space (transport, energy plants, fishing, aquaculture, coastal defenses, etc.) has brought out the need for efficient management to avoid conflicts and create synergies between the different activities. For this reason, the European Parliament and the Council have adopted Directive 2014/89 / EU, implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree 201/2016, which constitutes the common legal framework at European level. The decree provides for the adoption of management plans for the maritime space (P.S.M.) to 2020, which will have to be developed paying particular attention to the land-sea interface.

In our region

The Emilia-Romagna Region, which for years has been working on the issues of Integrated Coastal Management, has seized the opportunity offered by the CNR to get in line with the Directive. The work involved the Geological, Seismic and Soil Service and also the participation of the entire General Management of the territory and the environment and of the other strategic directions in the management of the coast and the sea (fishing, tourism, energy and health) , as well as external structures such as Land Security Agency and Civil Protection and Arpae.

The collaboration has allowed to increase the technical tools, the competences and the framework of knowledge so far available on the anthropic uses of the coast and the sea, on the available resources and on the criticalities related to the natural and anthropic dynamics.

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