Geology, soil and seismic risk

The key to the study of natural phenomena comes from the past

two posters related to applied research were presented at the General Assembly of the European Geoscience Union (EGU), held in Vienna.

Two posters deal with different themes have a common thread: the value of the geological datum referring to the past, understood as historical or geological time, in its role as key for the interpretation or the enrichment of knowledge on natural phenomena that have an impact on the present

1 st Poster

Over the last five years, a series of record breaking precipitation events has stricken the mountainous area of Emilia-Romagna Region (northern Apennines, Italy). As consequence, several geomorphological processes, like widespread debris flows along the slopes and hyperconcentrated flood in the stream channels, shallow landslides and overbank flooding affected the territory, causing serious damages to man-made structures (e.g, roads, bridges, houses, etc.).

2nd Poster

Mud volcanoes are historically documented geological phenomena that are also to be found near the Emilia- Romagna Apennine margin, in the Po side of the Northern Apennines (Italy). According to local language, they are mainly called “Salse” because of brines accompanying their activity.

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