Geology, soil and seismic risk

European projects


Sustainable aggregate resources management


Morphological Impacts and COastal Risks induced by Extreme storm events

LIFE Helpsoil

Helping enhanced soil funcions and adaptation to climate change by sustainable conservation agricolture techniques.


GEOthermal energy to address energy performance strategies in residential and industrial buildings.


Assessing subsurface potentials of the Alpine Foreland Basins (Alpine molassa and Pianura Padana alluvial plain) for sustainable planning and use of natural resources

European projects

Projects in which is involved the Emilia-Romagna Geological seismic and soil survey


The EuroGeoSource system will implement content-specific and user-oriented GIS map services on the Internet , based on an inventory and analysis of geo-energy and mineral resource data sets existent in the project countries, together with the user needs regarding these data.


Analysis of correlation between coastal evolution and meteo-marine climatology

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