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Mineral in your life. A day in the life of Norman.

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minerals poster 2017“Minerals in your life” is a book published by EuroGeoSurveys (European Association of Geological Surveys) in 2014 to promote awareness across the European community of the role played by mineral resources in everyday life. “A day in the life of Norman” is the theme that links together highly informative contributions about mineral sources, presented in the form of cards created by experts of Geological Services of Europe working as part of the group. For 10 years, the Geological, Seismic and Soil Survey (SGSS)of Emilia-Romagna has represented the various Italian regions within EuroGeoSurveys(EGS).

This poster is a customization of “A day in the life of Norman”, authorized by EGS and produced by SGSS to promote geological culture in the “Sandra Forni” Geological Garden Museum of Emilia-Romagna Region.


Regione Emilia-Romagna, Assessorato alla Difesa del Suolo e della Costa, Protezione Civile e Politiche Ambientali e della Montagna, Direzione Generale Cura del Territorio e dell’Ambiente, Servizio Geologico Sismico e dei Suoli

Geological Seismic and Soil Survey, Emilia-Romagna Region in collaboration with EuroGeoSurveys (European Association of Geological Surveys)

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