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2015 International year of soil

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The 69th plenary meeting of the United Nations declared 2015 the International Year of the soil, with the title "Healthy soils for a healthy life".

Purpose of the many initiatives and celebrations that will be held this year in the world, is to increase awareness of the importance of soil for the survival of the planet.

Understanding the value of this resource has become in recent years a need that is unlikely to be postponed forward in time.

The growing global demand for food, the same quality of food, as well as adaptation to climate change, depends on how we all will be able to keep the soil healthy and fully protect its environmental functions There are many forms.

Soil is not just infrastructure support or collector of waste materials, but it is especially healthy food, clean water, genetic multiforme, in one word LIFE.




Cordoba, Spain- 14-18 September 2015.

Conference topics: Soil-landscape modelling: mechanistic & empirical. Soil Morphometrics (image analysis, remote sensing, 3D soil imaging),Sampling and monitoring. Field experimental design, Digital soil mapping and proximal soil sensing, Bayesian statistics and Hierarchical Modelling in soils,Uncertainties and Fuzzy cognitive mapping, Soil Spatial and Temporal Scaling, Soil Ecosystem Services.


8th Euregeo congress

Barcelona, Spain - 15th-17th June 2015

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The Geological Survey of Emilia-Romagna, with geological surveys of Bavaria and Catalunya organizes a session dedicated to "SOIL: functions and threats", as part of the eighth edition of the European Congress EUREGEO 2015, to be held in Barcelona, 15 -17 June 2015.

This event celebrates the International Year of the Soil  2015

Soil: functions and threats

Coordinator: Luca Montanarella (JRC)
Conveners: Ana Paya- Pérez (JRC), Panos Panagos (JRC), Rosa M. Poch (UdL)

Soil Contamination
Convener: Ana Paya- Pérez (JRC)

  • Diagnostics and Methodologies for assessing soil contamination.
  • Technologies and case studies on restoring contaminated sites.
  • Socio-economic and environmental processes in the management of contaminated sites.

Soil Erosion
Convener: Panos Panagos (JRC)

  • Strategies to mitigate restore and manage soil erosion.
  • Modelling soil erosion processes, achievements and challenges.
  • Developments in map design and cartographic visualization of soil erosion.

Soil Mapping
Convener: Rosa M. Poch (UdL)

  • Advances in digital soil mapping.
  • Proximal soil sensing for precision agriculture.
  • Soil quality assessment.
  • Survey and mapping for soil carbon inventories.





Video on soil


June: Soils support recreation (2015)

Soil and recreationby th Soil Science Society of America 

What do a nice walk in the ‪‎forest or ‪‎beach, a ‪‎soccer game, and a horse race all have in common? 

They’re all activities we enjoy because of soil. 


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