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Triassic gypsum and Bismantova stoneThe geological structure of Emilia-Romagna is among the most complex in the world and for approximately 25 years has been studied in depth by the Geological, Seismic and Soil Survey. Thanks to the long and complex task of geological surveying, today we can avail of a geological map of the hill and mountain areas to scale 1:10.000 and another of the plain to scale 1:25.000. The Emilia-Romagna Apennines are documented in 360 maps (160 in print); around 90% of the plain has already been surveyed and the cartography for this area represents a pioneering technical-scientific document. The website contains detailed information on the geological cartography project in Emilia-Romagna, as well as other scientific reports and projects which help us gain a better understanding of the geological structure of our region or areas of it (e.g. the geology of urban areas), plus study activities intended to support geological mapping, such as, for example, C14 analysis and palynology.


Info on cartography,publications and geological knowledge:

Servizio geologico, sismico e dei suoli

Secretariat: e-mail  - telefono 0515274792

Pizziolo Marco: e-mail -  telefono 0515274210

Daniele Giovanna:  e-mail - telefono 0515274622

Geological cartography on-line and geological data:

Dott. Alberto Martini : e-mail - phone number 0515274556

To buy geological maps contact:

Archivio Cartografico - Map & Bookshop
Bologna, Via Aldo Moro 28-30
tel. 051.5274326 - 051.6493230
web-page: Archivio cartografico regione Emilia-Romagna

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