Protected areas, Natura 2000 network and Forests



Parks are areas of high natural and environmental value whose landscape and natural and cultural heritage need to be protected, promoted, preserved and valorized.

Regional Parks

Regional law 6/2005 defines regional park as “territorial systems that, due to their naturalistic, scientific, historic, cultural and landscape values of particular interest, are organised in a homogeneous way in relation to their needs in terms of conservation, restoration and improvement of the natural environment and its assets, and in terms of development of the compatible human and economic activities”.

National Parks

The Framework Law on protected areas (n. 394 of 1991) defines the national parks as “terrestrial, fluvial, lacustrine or marine areas that contain one or more ecosystem intact or even partially altered by anthropic interventions, one or more physic, geologic, geomorphologic, biologic formation of international or national interest for its natural, cultural, scientific, aesthetic, educational or recreational values that are such to require the intervention of the State in order to preserve them for the benefit of present and future generations”.

Interregional Park

Regional law 6/2005 defines interregional park as “territorial systems characterized by naturalistic, scientific, historic, cultural and landscape values of particular interest and complexity that due to their geographic position can play a role of connection with protected areas belonging to bordering regions”.

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