Video of Life Eremita project

In this section it will be possible to see some videos both related to the single species and to workshops and events organized within the European project Life hermit.

Life Eremita project– Life Hermit let's party!

Video on the event held at the Valbonella Botanical Garden in the Casentino Forests, Mount Falterona and Campigna National Park on May 28, 2022, with the exceptional participation of entomologist and writer Gianumberto Accinelli. The video is in italian language.

Life Eremita: FinalConference, Achievements and future perspectives

Video that collects the most important moments of the final conference of the European project Life Eremita held on 10 June 200 at the DamsLab in Bologna. The experts and the scientific community present the main achievements and share the priority actions of After-Life Eremita Made by Articolture srl for Emilia-Romagna Region, 2022.

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