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"ER Environment" is a communication project developed by Regione Emilia-Romagna public administration.

Born in 2002, to publish information and sources on environmental issues and sustainability.

Topics are environmental education centers, university studies, scientific agencies, research centers, trade associations, environmental associations and consumers. Not only of the Region, but of different local authorities, also.

Our offer is an integrated and cross-cutting approach to the various thematic areas of environmental, economic, social and institutional sustainability, representing a valuable point of view on environment's topics and sustainable development in Emilia-Romagna region.


Assessorato all'ambiente, difesa del suolo e della costa, protezione civile. Council member: Ms. Irene Priolo
Viale della Fiera 8 - 40127 Bologna, tel. 051 5276929

Assessorato montagna, aree interne, programmazione territoriale, pari opportunità. Council member: Ms. Barbara Lori
Viale Aldo Moro n. 30 - 40127 Bologna, tel. 051 5273804

Direzione generale Cura del territorio e dell'ambiente. General Managing Director: Mr. Paolo Ferrecchi
Viale Aldo Moro 30 - 40127 Bologna, tel. 051 5273711 - fax 051 5273450

Publishing staff
Agenzia di Informazione e comunicazione. Managing Director: Mr. Giuseppe Pace

Technical staff
Settore innovazione digitale, dati, tecnologia e polo archivistico

Editing staff
Coordinator: Mr. Pier Francesco Campi. Tel. 051 5274586
Editors: Ms. Teresa Valentina Sblendorio. Tel. 051 5273660 and Ms. Madalina Tone

Thematic area editors

  • Radici per il futuro: Ms. Teresa Valentina Sblendorio
  • Water: Mr. Emanuele Cimatti, Mr. Andrea Rapino
  • Weather: Ms. Patrizia Bianconi, Ms. Samantha Lorito
  • Soil and coastal defence, soil recovery: Mr. Giuseppe Mannino, Ms. Rosaria Pizzonia
  • Geology, seismic activity and soil: Ms. Luciana Bonsi, Ms. Paola Tarocco, Ms. Simonetta Scappini, Mr. Mauro Generali
  • Pollution and environmental emergency: Ms. Maria D'Amore
  • Gardens, forests and Natura 2000 project: Mr. Stefano Bassi, Ms. Maria Vittoria Biondi, Mr. Paolo Mordini, Mr. Marco Pattuelli, Ms. Stefania Vecchio, Ms. Silvia Messori
  • Environment planning: Mr. Mario Bergamini, Mr. Marco Degli Esposti
  • Waste disposal, contaminated sites and environment services: Ms. Alessia Arelli, Mr. Massimo Saretta, Mr. Marco Degli Esposti
  • Environmental assessment, sustainable development marketing: Mr. Matteo Balboni, Ms. Samantha Lorito, Mr. Ruggero Mazzoni

Icons offered by Noun Project.


Image's rights belongs to their authors, who made them available by Fotoreporter database or different databases owned by Direzione generale Cura del territorio e dell'ambiente.

Heading image published inside "Parchi, foreste e Natura 2000" project by Mr. Andrea Barghi.

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