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The portal "ER Environment" is a communication project of the Emilia-Romagna Region. Born in 2002, its wants to valorize various information and document sources on environmental issues and sustainability: not only those of the Region, but also those of local authorities, environmental education centers, universities, scientific agencies and research centers, Trade associations, environmental associations and consumers.

The portal proposes an integrated and cross-cutting approach to the various thematic areas of environmental, economic, social and institutional sustainability, representing a precious point of observation on the themes of environment and sustainable development in Emilia-Romagna. The project is coordinated by the Department of Defense of the soil and the coast, civil protection and environmental and mountain policies, and by the General Directorate for the care of territory and environment.


The person responsible for publishing the contents of the portal is the Generale Director of the Directorate for the care of territory and environment, Paolo Ferrecchi (+39 051 5273711 - Email:, which is responsible of the management and editorial coordination of the communication project.

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