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Poster on mushrooms, on wild protected Flora and Fauna of Emilia-Romagna

Poster Funghi e floraPoster on mushrooms and on wild protected Flora of Emilia-Romagna

cm 70 x 100 format € 4,00 - Emilia-Romagna Region, Grafiche Zanini

- Mushrooms: SOLD OUT

- Protected wild flora (tav.I - plasticized)

- Protected wild flora (tav.II- plasticized)

Very useful for educational purposes and for the exhibition in public spaces, the posters show the pictures coming from the volume "Flora spontanea protetta, prodotti del sottobosco e funghi" belonging to the series "Collana naturalistica".

Poster “Passeggiando per i parchi”

Poster Passeggiando per i parchiEmilia-Romagna Region, Cantelli Rotoweb, 2007 

This poster, in cm 70 x 100 format, is especially dedicated to schools and has been realized as a complement to the brochure and the DVD “Passeggiando per i parchi” that describe a journey of two sisters, Emy and Romy, through the Protected areas of Emilia-Romagna Region.

Text and illustrations: Ro Marcenaro Coordination: P. Tamburini, M. Palazzini, A. Lizzani


Series of posters on the minor fauna

Poster Fauna minoreEmilia-Romagna Region, Tipolitografia F.G. Snc, 2009-2011

It is a series of 7 posters, each of whom dedicated to Fishes, Mammals, Bats, Invertebrates (part I and II), Reptiles and Anphibians, showing though very detailed illustrations these species of the minor fauna under particular protection, on whom the Region wishes to pursue a stronger preservation policy.

The other posters are issued in 2010-11. The posters come with leaflet in A4 format illustrating in more details the characteristics of the species: morphology, major habitats, possible threats. 

They are meant to be distributed mostly to schools and to Protected areas with the goal to enhance educational and information initiatives aimed at disseminate the knowledge and the respect of these animals.

The whole series is available for download in the section "fauna minore".

Illustrations: U. Catalano, Titti De Ruosi, M. Toledo Coordination: Gruppo Fauna Minore and Protected Areas, Forestry and Mountains Development Department of Emilia-Romagna Region

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