Protected areas, Natura 2000 network and Forests

The leaflet

AVP_depliant_ENG.jpgThe downloadable version and the directions on how to request the hard copy.

The leaflet introdices to the discovery of the route, by describing the main features, the environments and the Parks that it crosses, besides the 27 stages that compose it.

The leaflet hard copies are available for free at the parks Visitor Centers, at the stage services and at the main information desks of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

It is also possible to request a copy to:

Servizio Aree Protette, Foreste e Sviluppo della Montagna
Regione Emilia-Romagna
Viale della Fiera 8, 40127 Bologna
tel. 051.527.6080/6094
e-mail certificata:


Download the PDF version of the leaflet:

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