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Lago di Ponte (627 m)
San Benedetto in Alpe (500 m)  or in alternative  Eremo dei Toschi (1000 m)
GRADIENT: +440 m / -570 m  or in alternative +940 m/-570 m
TREKKING TIME: 3 ore or in alternative 5,30 ore
 Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona and Campigna National Park


Lago di Ponte (author Nevio Agostini)This very short and restful hike leads to San Benedetto, where there is a BenedectineBenedictine abbey of the same-name. You can also skip this stop in San Benedetto and spend the night in Toschi Hermitage, above the Acquacheta valley overlooking the Muraglione Pass; this prolongs the stage of about 2 hours and 30’ but shortens the next stage from 8 hours to 5 hours.
From the southern shores of Lake di Ponte one goes uphill to the little valley of the Fosso dei Campacci, right away on a steep ascent through a beautiful mixed forest, where the beeches (which we haven’t seen for a week now) soon reappear.
After an eroded and scenic ridge one gets to the Tramazzo hill (971 m), where the hike continues on a forest trail that’s almost flat. Soon the descent begins along the ridge of the Susinelli which, after the peak of the same name, decreases rapidly towards the valley of the Fosso Acquacheta, first going through groves and pastures and then across open sandstone slabs.
Before reaching the road that leads to Peschiera Pass, one meets the path that runs up on the valley to the houses of Poggio at a crossroads. This is the upper part of the village of San Benedetto in Alpe, with houses huddled around the ancient Benedictine abbey.
From here, a nice paved path leads to the village called Il Mulino, at the confluence of the Troncalosso and Acquacheta ravines, which combine into the river Montone.
For those who wish to proceed to Toschi Hermitage, from the first turn of the street that goes to Marradi just follow the easy path that climbs the Acquacheta ravine valley, with stunning views on the water stream.
After the Molino dei Romiti you reach the foot of the Caduta, the most renowned waterfalls of the Northern Apennines. Shortly after that, you cross the Lavane ravine and then you climb up to the beautiful Romiti plateau, inhabited during the Middle Ages by a monastic community.
Beyond the stream you can proceed to an easy forest path that leads to the Crocione Mount (976 m), where you descend to the Toschi Hermitage, visible downhill on the left.

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  • Camping Acquacheta: Info /Public transport
  • Hotel Acquacheta: Info /Public transport
  • Eremo dei Toschi o Eremo di Santa Maria: Info /Public transport

Bivouac with tent: in some areas it is possible to spend the night in a tent, setting it up at sunset and dismantling it at dawn.

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