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San Pellegrino in Alpe (1524 m)
Lago Santo modenese (1501 m)
GRADIENT: +720 m / -700 m
HIKING TIME: 5,30 hours
High Modena Apennine Regional Park


Going up to lake Santo modenese (author A. Lizzani)This is a beautiful stage moving towards the highest mountains in the Modena area and he renowned tourist destination Lago Santo.
From San Pellegrino one immediately goes up through the woods along themule rack leading to Giro del Diavolo, a great heap of stones placed by pilgrims near the ridge over the centuries. From there one might take the path arriving from Radici Pass which remains close to the ridge (with many ups and downs), but it is preferable to follow the beautiful forest road that runs almost horizontally on the Tuscan side up to the Bassa del Saltello Pass.
Leaving the forest, one goes up Mount Romecchio, followed by Colle delle Vacche, which is the starting point of the aerial route along the Cime di Romecchio’s rocky ridge. Looking over the Modena area side one can see beautiful valleys, rich with marshes, where he vast beech forests of the Rio delle Fontanacce predominate, while farther the bizarre ophiolitic outline of Sasso Tignoso stands out.
The hike up to Cima dell’Omo (1858 m) is strenuous but rewarding, thanks to sweeping views. At the next pass, the Colle Bruciata, one leaves he ridge (which steeply rises into Mount Giovo) quickly reaching the great glacial amphitheater of the Fontanacce, strewn with morainic blocks and full of springs.
Through he stony ground of the Campi di Annibale one reaches Boccaia Pass, then a short descent through the woods leads to Lake Santo, dominated by the large northern slope of Mount Giovo, with its series of ledges.
On the banks of the lake here are four refuges, very popular in the summertime and on weekends. The road hat climbs up he Valle delle Tagliole ends in the parking lot, a quarter of an hour away.

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  • Rifugio Giovo: Info  | Public transport
  • Rifugio Marchetti: Info  | Public transport
  • Rifugio Vittoria: Info  | Public transport
  • Rifugio Bertagni: Info  | Public transport

Bivouac with tent: in some areas it is possible to spend the night in a tent, setting it up at sunset and dismantling it at dawn.

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