Protected areas, Natura 2000 network and Forests


Parks are areas of high natural and environmental value whose landscape and natural and cultural heritage need to be protected, promoted, preserved and valorized.

What the Region does

Emilia-Romagna Region establishes regional and interregional Parks by issuing specific regional laws.The area of the calanchi dell'abbadessa (MV Biondi) Furthermore it can propose the establishment or extension of National Parks.
Parks are made up of land, river or lake areas, or by coastal sea stripes, with a high environmental and natural value, which constitute homogenous territorial systems in relation to the natural structure of the spaces, to the landscape and artistic values and to the cultural traditions of the local communities.
In the regional territory there are:


Protected Areas, Forestry and Mountains Development Department
Emilia-Romagna Region
Via della Fiera 8, 40127 Bologna
tel. 0039 051.527.6080/6094 fax 0039 051.527.6957
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Monica Palazzini
Tel. 0039 051.527.6999

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