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Minor fauna in ER

Amphibians, reptiles and bats, but also small mammals, fishes and insects: many protected species

What the Region does

The phrase "Minor fauna" refers to that complex of animal speciesRaganella italiana (Francesco Grazioli) of small dimension (the term "minor", in fact, has no systematic or biological significance) such as amphibians, reptiles, fishes, insects, but also small mammals.

Insects such as butterflies, dragonflies and beetles, crustaceans like river shrimp and crayfish, amphibians like toads, frogs, newts and salamanders, small mammals such as common shrews, hazel dormouse and voles, bats and many other species compose the mosaic of the rich fauna that populates both large ecosystems such as the Apennine woods or the Po Delta wetlands, and small backyard biotopes as pulping ponds and springs, hedges and trees rows, meadows and pastures.

Some of these species are of Community interest and are protected under the Habitats Directive.

Emilia-Romagna Region protects all species belonging to the minor fauna by regional law n. 15/2006, with the aim of ensuring adequate forms of protection and conservation for all these animals, whom play an important role in the ecosystem. Such law foresees the prohibition of: capture, deliberate killing of species, damage or destruction of eggs, nests and breeding sites and habitats. In addition, it forbids to release into the wild any alien organism, capable of preying or exercise any form of competition against native species belonging to the minor fauna.


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