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Callimorpha quadripunctaria ( M. Toledo) Wild fauna is, by law, an untouchable heritage belonging to the State.

The Region coordinates the management of wild fauna, especially fishing and hunting activities, and carries out actions for the protection of the species with high conservation value.

As a matter of fact every animal whose hunting is forbidden is protected, not only as an individual, but as an indicator and an integral part of the natural environment.

In Emilia-Romagna the wild fauna of Community interest, protected inside the Natura 2000 network sites, is composed by more than 200 animal species, including 80 birds.

In the last years, thanks to some extensive studies, we are witnessing the discovery of new fauna species in the Region: first the wild cat and then the black woodpecker, discovered in the Casentinesi Forests National Park.

The endangered species currently reported to be in the regional territory are: the sturgeon that lives in clear waters; the Rosalia alpina, a beetle localized in some beech woods in the High Apennines; the sea turtle Caretta caretta, frequent visitor in some beaches of Ferrara and Ravenna territories and the Spadefoot Toad, only present in the Po Delta Park  Special protection measures are also foreseen for the wolf, expanding from the Apennine ridge to the hills, the Hermit beetle and the butterfly Callimorpha quadripunctaria, inhabitants of natural areas in decline.

The latter are part of the so-called minor fauna, whose conservation is ruled by a special regional law (Law no. 15/2006), that aims to protect all the species of amphibians, reptiles and bats that live in the region, but also small mammals, fish and insects: all these animals are usually little considered, but they indeed are very important for the functioning of natural systems.


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