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Primula Apennina (T. Gironi) Emilia-Romagna flora is very important at national level, due to two main factors: the number of species, because of the 7.634 species and sub-species of the Italian flora, nearly the 50% are present in the region, and because of the presence of endemic and relictual species which are exclusive of our territory.

The regional flora of Community interest, protected through Natura 2000 network sites, consists of about thirty species considered of great rarity, including lichens, algae and mosses. There are three threatened species of priority value, being at high risk of extinction on the whole European Union territory: the first one is the Primula apennina, also called "Apennine bear's ear", confined in the cracks of some rocks of the Emilian Apennines, the second one is the Salicornia veneta, present only in a few areas of the Po Delta, the third one is the Klasea (Serratula) lycopifolia, a mountain asteracea recently spotted in the area surrounding Piacenza.

In order to protect the wild flora of its territory, Emilia-Romagna Region issued specific measures for the conservation of the most rare and striking species included in the Regional Law no. 2 of 1977 "Measures for the Protection of the regional wild flora - Establishment of a regional fund for the conservation of nature - Discipline of the underbrush products collection" (available only in Italian).


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