Protected areas, Natura 2000 network and Forests

Other Protected Areas

Other Protected Areas
Other Protected Areas

Areas identified by Regional Law 6/2005: natural and semi-natural protected landscapes, Ecological Rebalancing Areas and Ramsar Areas, protected under a special international convention

Protected Landscapes

The natural and seminatural protected landscapes are “areas with the presence of widespread scenic values, also of relevant range, characterized by a balanced interaction of natural elements and traditional anthropic activities, where the presence of habitats and species with good conservation status is however predominant or of priority interest in relation to the protection of nature and biodiversity”.

Ecological Rebalancing Areas

Regional law n. 6/2005 defines the Ecological Rebalancing Areas (ARE) as “natural areas or areas undergoing renaturalisation, of limited range, included in territorial systems characterized by intense anthropic activities that, due to their functionality as habitats and shelter for flora and fauna species, are organized in order to guarantee their conservation, restoration, rebuilding”.

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