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Rifugio Biancaneve al Fumaiolo (1349 m)
Bascio (624 m)
GRADIENT: + 400 m / - 1100 m
HIKING TIME: 8,30 hours
Sasso Simone e Simoncello Interregional Park

Village of Bascio (archivie Parco Sasso Simone Simoncello)This is a long stage where problems in finding the path are likely. One might shorten the hike by spending the night in the charming village of Gattara.
The route is varied and descends to Balze from the ridge of Mount Fumaiolo. It features the evocative detour to the ancient hermitage of Sant’Alberico, along the grand-ducal nineteenth-century “road” (with traces of the original ponderous paving) that linked Balze to Capanne.
From Balze, after two short stretches of asphalt road, one goes back on the 00 ridge trail, an earthen track that gets to Poggio Tre Vescovi, once more among the beeches. Approaching Mount Loggio the path becomes less defined, because of the concatenation of several paths which cross vast clearings bordered by oaks and maples, on the south side.
The place is lonely, scenically vibrant, but it requires careful attention not to miss the trail signs. One must pay maximum attention when on the top of Mount Faggiola where the route bends sharply to the north, with a reversal of almost 180 degrees. The path is to be found in the beech forest below, on the side of a paleo-landslide in the wilderness.
With the aid of a map and the trail signs one finds the old trail that goes to Casteldelci. One leaves this track shortly afterwards going down to the right and arriving at the picturesque mountain village of Gattara. One can stop there, should one by now be tired (the stage is rather long); otherwise the hiking stage will be completed by going down to the Marecchia valley floor, and then up the opposite side to the picturesque Bascio hill, which has by now been visible for some time because of the medieval tower that dominates it.

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