Geology, soil and seismic risk

The geological cartography to scale 1:25,000

Since 2001, the Geological, seismic and soil survey of Emilia-Romagna, has published the geological maps in scale 1:25.000 of all all the Appennines area;
these maps are derived from the 1:50.000 scale geological cartography (made according to the national project of cartography  named CARG).

The production of this cartography started from those areas where the 1:50,000 scale geological cartography was available, and it is planned to print and publish all this cartography for the Appennines area.

The plain area instead  is covered by the 1:50.000 scale geological cartography, created from the national project CARG of cartography; it is possible to have some prints of these maps  making request to

The cartography published until now, is available for sale at the Mapshop of Emilia-Romagna  (italian language site).

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