Geology, soil and seismic risk

Geological landscape

09_Foothills 09_Foothills

Gentle hills cut by sharp badlands, where Argille Azzurre and Sabbie gialle outcrop (Modena Apennines)

12 Po plain 12 Po plain

The river Po flows quietly in the Piacenza plain, forming these fully developed meanders. The stream flows from right to left.

13 Coastal plain 13 Coastal plain

The Lido di Dante shoreline (Ravenna) still shows a fairly natural morphology, with sandy dunes behind the beach.

04_Ophiolites crags 04_Ophiolites crags

Ophiolitic masses emerge from clayey complexes, forming dark,prominent crags <8<pietra Parcellara, Bobbio, Picenza Apennines)

Triassic gypsum Triassic gypsum

The triassic gypsum (in the foreground) carved out by the course of the river Secchia (Reggio Emilia Apennines)

06 Window on the deep Apennines 06 Window on the deep Apennines

The Macigno-like sandstone outcrops in the Bobbio "tectonic window". In the foreground, the spectacular river Trebbia meanders (Piacenza Apennines)

Sandstone spurs Sandstone spurs

The Pietra di Bismantova (1047 m) is a large sandstone plateau, surrounded on all sides by a 100 metre high vertical slope (Reggio Emilia Apennines).

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