Geology, soil and seismic risk


Vittoria Montaletti, Raffaele Berti

Valorisation of the flatland-hill passages as multi-use elements structuring the peri-urban landscape of “the city of ceramics”, Vittoria Montaletti, Raffaele Berti, Extended abstract

Igor Villani

Analysis of the relation between Contaminated Sites and Urban Planning, Igor Villani, Extended abstract

Daniele Bonaposta

Experimentation about a map on "Marginal Territories" within the Emila-Romagna Region (Italy), Daniele Bonaposta, Extended abstract

Aldo Treville

Monitoring soil consumption: strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness of different monitoring approaches in Italy, Aldo Treville, Extended abstract

Agnieszka Pyl

The rules governing the protection of agricultural land in Poland, Agnieszka Pyl, extended abstract

Ciro Gardi, Nicola Dall’Olio

Land take and Soil Ecosystem Service losses: some data from Emilia-Romagna, Ciro Gardi, Nicola Dall’Olio, Extended abstract

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