Geology, soil and seismic risk

Soil and land planning


Even though we walk on the soil e we depend almost entirely from it, our awareness about its importance is very low, unlike other environmental resources such as water and air.

Soil is the living skin of the earth, the superficial layer we tread on. It is a natural body, composed of mineral particles such as sand, silt and clay, decomposed organic matter, living organisms, air and water. Soil is a non-renewable resource: it takes thousands of years to develope, just a few minutes to destroy it.

It performs various functions and the ecosystem services associated with them (life support, provision, regulation, cultural values) vary in space, in relation to the characteristics of the soil, and over time, in relation to external conditions (climatic, management, etc.): different soils provide different services and / or of different quality.

The Emilia-Romagna Region has been working for years to promote knowledge of the soil by addressing those who cultivate the soil, such as farmers, and the technicians and administrators who have a duty to protect it.

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