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5_PietradiBismantovadalcrinalereggiano_ParconazionaleToscoEmiliano.JPGFrom Lago Santo parmense, and the historic Rifugio Mariotti located on its banks, among rocky ridges and moorlands, small lakes and ponds that fill the ancient glacial depressions you will reach Prato Spilla. Day 2 will be quite demanding, especially after the previous days efforts, but from the point of view of the environment and landscape it’s the most beautiful stage of the whole route: the lakes Verdarolo, Scuro and Squincio, the Ghiaccioni plateau,  and then the Pietra Tagliata Pass and finally the  springs of the Secchia river  just before reaching the Cerreto Pass. The third stage, quite short, will take you into the Valle dell’Inferno and then to the feet of Mount La Nuda: though a comfortable high altitude path you will reach the Praderna Pass. On day 4, always on the high mountain path, you will pass Mount Castellino, that with its 1952 meters it’s the highest top of the Alta via dei Parchi. The view from the Mount Cusna to the Apuan Alps will follow your route until the wide passage of Lama Lite, near to the Battistini refuge. The last stage will be an easy walk into an outstanding environment, that will finally take you to the ancient hospice of San Pellegrino in Alpe.   


1° Day:  stage 2 Lago Santo Parmense - Prato Spilla
2° Day:
 stage 3 Prato Spilla - Passo del Cerreto
3° Day:
 stage 4 Passo del Cerreto - Passo Pradarena
4° Day:
 stage 5 Passo Pradarena - Lama Lite
5° Day:
 stage 6 Lama Lite - San Pellegrino in Alpe

--> How to reach Lago Santo Parmense

--> How to come back from San Pellegrino in Alpe and from Passo delle Radici

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