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25_AbetinaalMonteFumaiolo_Fiorenzo_ROSSETTI.JPGThree very long stages will take you from the Franciscan citadel of La Verna to the Hermitage of the Madonna del Faggio, on Mount Carpegna. The first part is in the woods and then the path continues in more opened landscapes, towards Mount Fumaiolo and the Rifugio Biancaneve. On day 2you will cross the small villages of Balze, nestled at the base of a rocky cliff, Gattara and Bascio. With the last stage you will reach the feet of the Sassi Simone and Simoncello, two giant rocky boulders surrounded by an oak forest. A last climb will finally lead you to the rounded top of Mount Carpegna, covered by meadows used as grazing lands, from whom you will descend to the Madonna del Faggio Hermitage, where the Alta via dei Parchi ends.



1° Day: stage 25 La Verna - Rif. Biancaneve al Fumaiolo

2° Day: stage 26 Rif. Biancaneve al Fumaiolo - Bascio

3° Day: stage 27 Bascio - Eremo Madonna del Faggio

--> How to reach La Verna

--> How to come back from Eremo Madonna del Faggio (Carpegna)

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