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15_panoramadalMonteBattaglia_A_Lizzani.JPGFrom Le Selve, surrounded by ancient chestnut forests still cultivated today, you will descend to Castel del Rio and cross the Santerno river on the outstanding Alidosi bridge. Among oak forests and rock outcrops you will climb to Mount Battaglia, an extraordinary overlook also on the Vena del Gesso. When arrived in the ancient village of Tossignano, developed around the remains of the castle, though a long ridge trekking you will hike along the most of the Vena del Gesso and surrounded by orchards, vineyards and woods you will come to Carnè. Some of the exposed stretches of the ridge trail might be challenging for those who fear the heights: the Park, though, set signage for alternative routes.    



1° Day: stage 15 Le Selve - Tossignano

2° Day: stage 16 Tossignano - Carnè

--> How to reach Castel del Rio

--> how to come back from Carnè

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