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15_PontedegliAlidosi_2_A_Lizzani.JPGThe first stage will take you from the outstanding ancient chestnut forests of Castel del Rio down to the Alidosi bridge, a perfectly preserved XIII Century single-arch bridge that crosses the Santerno river; you will then follow secondary roads along a scenic ridge stretch overlooking the Senio and Santerno valleys and towards the Vena del Gesso. From Tossignano , an ancient village clinging to a gypsum cliff near the remains of the castle, though a long ridge trekking you will hike along the most of the Vena del Gesso, walking on the extraordinary rocky ground made of translucent gypsum crystals. A last stretch, surrounded by orchards, vineyards and woods will lead you to the Carnè Park, and to tits buildings. On day 3, following the so-called “trail of the ridges” on the great divide between the Senio and Lamone valleys, with long ups and downs among the forest covered hills, you will reach Marradi, a Tuscan village that lies on the bottom of the valley.



1° Day: stage 15 Le Selve - Tossignano
2° Day:
stage 16 Tossignano - Carnè
3° Day:
stage 17 Carnè  - Marradi

--> How to reach Le Selve and Castel del Rio

--> How to come back from Marradi

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