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16_LavalleciecadelRioStella_MaxCosta.JPGFrom the centuries-old chestnut forests of Poranceto by walking almost completely into the woods with long stretches on secondary roads and by striding near the Brasimone dam basin, you will reach the Marian sanctuary of Boccadirio.
On day 2, a rather brief and non-demanding in the open landscape of the middle Apennines, will lead you to the Alpe di Monghidoro, located near to the village with the same name.
On day 3, a long stage will take you from the beech forests of the high Savena valley to the hills of Romagna, by going through a great variety of environments: from the fascinating landscape of the clays, shaped by rocky boulders, to the outstanding chestnut forests of Castel del Rio.
the fourth you will cross the Savena river on the Alidosi bridge, a perfectly preserved XIII Century single-arch bridge; you will then follow secondary roads along a scenic ridge stretch overlooking the Senio and Santerno valleys and towards the Vena del Gesso.
On day 5, From Tossignano , an ancient village clinging to a gypsum cliff near the remains of the castle, though a long ridge trekking you will hike along the most of the Vena del Gesso, walking on the extraordinary rocky ground made of translucent gypsum crystals. A last stretch, surrounded by orchards, vineyards and woods will lead you to the Carnè Park, and to tits buildings.


1° Day: stage 12 Poranceto - Boccadirio
2° Day:
 stage 13 Boccadirio - Alpe di Monghidoro
3° Day:
 stage 14 Alpe di Monghidoro - Le Selve
4° Day:
 stage 15 Le Selve - Tossignano
5° Day:
 stage 16 Tossignano - Carnè


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