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Rif. Monte Cavallo (1280 m)
Poranceto (890 m)
GRADIENT: +1260 m / -1650 m
HIKING TIME: 10 hours
Suviana and Brasimone Lakes Regional Park

Modenese bolognese ridge (author A. Lizzani)

When hiking this longest of the Alta Via stages there is a considerable drop in altitude: it may be better to spend the night in Badi or on the shores of Lake Suviana.
At the Tre Croci Pass the descent of the steep valley of the Rio Maggiore begins, entirely covered with woods up to where the sandstone rocks end. The slope then becomes softer, and the environment becomes open and dotted with buildings.
One soon arrives in Borgo Capanne, then continues the descent into a labyrinth of streets and cart roads leading to Ponte della Venturina (395 m), a populous village at the confluence of rivers Reno and Limentra Sambuca, crossed by the railway line between Pistoia and Porretta.
Beyond the Reno river, one goes up towards Pavana along the ridge between the two valleys, then goes down to the dam below. Following this, one begins he ascent of the right side of the valley of Limentra, touching the houses of Poggio di Badi and Campisseri.
Shortly afterwards is the descent towards Lake Suviana; once arrived on the lake banks one continues towards the mountain until the end of the basin, and then along the wooded valley of river Limentra di Treppio, until reaching the bridge of Molino dei Sassi.
Next is the climb to the church of Stagno, perched on a spur jutting over the valley. Above this is Belvedere, where one continues on the rail to Balinello Pass, taking a short detour to the scenic summit of Mount di Stagno (1213 m).

Remaining in the woods, with rare openings, one reaches the little road that goes from Baigno to Brasimone; then, skirting Mount di Baigno among old abandoned fields, one gets to the buildings of Poranceto, at the edge of an
ancient chestnut wood, full of gigantic specimens.


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  • Ristorante Foresteria Porancè: info | Public transport 
  • Agriturismo Podere Caselina: Info | Public transport 

Bivouac with tent: in some areas it is possible to spend the night in a tent, setting it up at sunset and dismantling it at dawn.

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