Geology, soil and seismic risk


SGSS Geographic Data Catalogue SGSS Geographic Data Catalogue

Since 2004 the SGSS built his own geographical database, composed by a lot of vectorial, raster and alphanumeric data. The "SGSS Geographic Data Catalogue provides a useful tool to access and manage this wealth of geographic information.

Geological cartography Geological cartography

Geological cartography at scale 1:50000 geological cartography 1:10.000 scale. The site contains also landslides inventory data, geological sections and geognostic tests, piezometric level, grounwater quality of the plain, soil cartography, springs and acquifers, sea-cost data, geological heritage and cavities.

Soil maps of the Emilia-Romagna Soil maps of the Emilia-Romagna

Interactive WebGis which allows integrated consultation of variuos information layers such as the soil map at 1:50.000 scale, derived thematic maps, land use maps, geological maps and point data (soil analyses, heavy metal monitoring, shallow water table measurement sites). Aerial photographs taken between 1944 and 2014 are also available as background, along with a selection of historical maps.

Landslides inventory maps Landslides inventory maps

The Landslide Inventory Map and the Landslides Historical Archive are basic knowledge and informational tools for users like technicians, administrators and citizens. The data can be consulted and downloaded also in PDF and SHP format by selecting a single Municipality.

Soil on Google Earth Soil on Google Earth

An easy-to-use tool for consulting soil maps on different scales and derived thematic maps. Information on the characteristics of the soil and a cartographic part, on Google Earth based, that allows navigation in maps overlapping the aerial photos of the region. The website provides access to every soil map from 1:1Mk to 1:50k scales and to all derived thematic maps on Google Earth. (Note: you must have Google Earth installed on your computer, visit Google to download Google Earth for free).

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