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Ciclovia dello Stirone

Stirone and Piacenziano Regional Park

SAM_0131.JPGEven though it is not difficult, the bicycle route Stirone goes up the valley of the stream for a long time, on a pleasantly varied itinerary with some quite rough stretches (narrow passages, sharp turns on ground which is stony or with holes, roots, etc.).

The landscape goes from the expanses of fields interspersed with rows of large trees (oak, mulberry), to the hill forests that cover the uplands of Vigoleno, passing through the Stirone river environment, enclosed between steep slopes and always dotted with willows and poplars. Watching the flight of the colorful bee-eaters or observing the fossils make it an even more exciting excursion. There is no lack of interesting historical monuments in the urban sections of the route (Fidenza, Vigoleno, Salsomaggiore) or in the rural context, with its individual old and isolated buildings (the Romanesque churches of San Nicomede and San Genesio). The route is a ring with some alternative routes one might want to take according to seasonal variables.

After leaving from Fidenza railway station and crossing the town historic centre, in the “Luce” suburban district you reach the right bank of the Stirone River, which will guide the route. A detour on small roads without traffic allows you to bypass the confluence of the river Ghiara, after which you go back up to the side of the riverbed until Scipione Ponte, near the park visitor centre.

SAM_0142.JPGOther sections of the route, on the path at short distance from the riverbed, lead to the village of Trabucchi. By now you are in the upper part of the river basin, where you can start the final climb to Vigoleno, a hilltop village with ancient buildings made of the warm and yellowish local sandstone.

The itinerary then continues on ordinary roads towards the thermal town of Salsomaggiore, where you can plan your return to Fidenza, either by riding along a comfortable bike path, or by train.





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