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The 10 cycling routes of the "Ciclovie dei Parchi"

All the information on the paths

ITINERARIO BICI_VENA DEL GESSO_0023Marchetti.jpgIt’s all about 10 cycling routes within 9 regional parks and 1 natural reserve (the Secchia), that departing from the nearest railway station allow to arrive the gates of the protected area and thus to visit it, stopping by the visitor centers, the park centers and the museums around the territory, the CRAS and the most significant and interesting locations from a naturalistic point of view. The routes are quite heterogeneous, a mosaic of very diverse situations, because each protected area is unique and characteristic, all of the can be covered in one or half day.

The choice of the path has been made basing on a feasibility study realized by CTS (Students and Youth Touristic Centre) that picked the protected areas with the strongest cycle-touristic vocation, by defining paths that are suitable to an heterogeneous public, from the most expert bikers to the families with children. The routes have been approved ad suggested by the single experts from the protected areas. The choice considered the path that better conjugate the sporty approach to the protected areas with the enjoyment of  the landscape and of the natural environment, without losing the occasion of appropriate stops at the main cultural and historical attractions.




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