Protected areas, Natura 2000 network and Forests

camping opportunities along the Alta Via dei Parchi

President's Decree 113 of 17/06/2020 provides as follows:


The night bivouac with tent, as an exception to the provisions of LR 16/2004, art. 41, paragraph 2 1, is permitted at the accommodation facilities along the marked itineraries subject to authorisation by the owner or manager of the facility, who must allow the use of the toilets and the owners/tenants of the land concerned.

This provision, designed to facilitate the frequentation of the protected areas and the routes that cross them, is valid until 31/12/2020.

1 LR 16/2004 Art. 41 "Temporary campsites. Prohibition of free camping" ... omissis
2 The Municipality may authorize for a maximum duration of fifteen days on public or private areas, even if they do not meet all the requirements of this law, stops for individuals and mobile campsites organized by bodies, associations and organizations operating for social, cultural and sporting purposes, provided that general services are guaranteed that are essential for compliance with health and hygiene regulations, for the protection of public health and safety and environmental protection. The authorisation may be subject to specific conditions. The bodies and associations applying for authorisation shall enclose a special insurance policy with the application. If the Municipality fails to do so within thirty days of the submission of the application by the interested party, the authorisation shall be deemed to have been granted.


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