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copy2_of_7_8_LagoSanto_C_Piacentini.JPGThree stages on the Modena mountain ridge, that will lead you from San Pellegrino in Alpe, ancient hosting place for wonderers and peregrines, to Lago Santo modenese, overlooked by the northern slope of the Mount Giovo, and then to the Scaffaiolo, the small lake nestled under the top of Mount Cupolino. A really fascinating stretch of the Alta via dei Parchi from the point of view of the natural environment and the landscape: glacial valleys filled with lakes, like Baccio, Torbido, Turghino, Piatto and Nero, forest environments of rare beauty like the Sestaione valley, wide grasslands and blueberry moorlands, ancient mountains passages.



1° Day: stage 7 San Pellegrino in Alpe - Lago Santo Modenese
2° Day:
stage 8 Lago Santo Modenese - Abetone
3° Day:
stage 9 Abetone - Lago Scaffaiolo

--> How to reach San Pellegrino in Alpe

--> How to come back from Lago Scaffaiolo

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