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Falls MoraduccioThe rich water resources of Emilia-Romagna, consisting of surface and groundwater, represent an irreplaceable heritage. Correct management of these resources is one of the region’s top priorities, and the SGSS plays its part by providing the knowledge base pertaining to the distribution and classification of aquifers. The geological data collected by SGSS has made it possible, first of all, to create a new 3-D model of the aquifers of the Emilia-Romagna plain.
Based on this, numerous projects have been launched in partnership with both public and private bodies, including: the study of the alluvial fans of the Reno, Marecchia and Taro rivers; the identification of alternative water resources.
The study of the saline wedge and monitoring of plain area subsurface aquifers (unconfined aquifers) from which plant roots draw water. For the first time at regional level, a framework has been established for the distribution of the main exploited aquifers in the Emilia-Romagna Apennines.
In collaboration with the basin technical survey a regional census of springs has been set in motion to determine their distribution, as well as flow and water characteristics.
The first results of this census, which will build up a database on the region’s springs, have made it possible to compile detailed thematic maps for the identification and study of rock-reservoirs.

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