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Geological, seismic and soil survey

Video - geology, seismic risk and soil

What the Region does

Video sectionSpreading a culture of the environment and the territory as a collective value to respect, to valorize and to manage carefully is a strategic issue of the Emilia-Romagna region. The region recognizes in this culture the ability to form an active citizenship able to evaluate the land management and able to take responsible behaviors towards the territory and the environment.
The videos collected in this section illustrate concepts related to geology, soil and seismic, and are aimed at professionals or citizens and young people who are interested in environmental issues.

Soil - The colour of the Earth


Seismic risk

Through dissemination conferences, technical meetings, exhibitions, film screenings, testimonials and activities with schools, "Io non tremo!" initiative provides information to raise awareness about the risks we are subject and the tools to face them, reducing its level.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruption are risk that afftect Italy . It is widely accepted that we can not do much against  these natural fatality. To deny this widespread belief EDURISK - routes for reducing the seismic risk- put together researchers, the school and all the citizens, involving them in a project of education and discovery of seismic risk.


Servizio Geologico Sismico e dei Suoli

Phone: 051-5274792, Fax: 051-5274208,

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Special initiatives

  • The arctic adventures of Dioxy Is it possible to put the CO2 underground to fight against climate change? Dioxy's cartoon explains in a funny way this research project.
  • GAIA - The big mother GAIA · The Big Mother is a 48' documentary about the origin, evolution and future of the Earth, focusing on the geological concepts and the role of life and humans. Facts and ideas are shown through illustrations and animations together with films made on places like museums and relevant landscapes. The threats to the sustainability of our planet are also exposed. Realised by Institut Cartogràfic i Geòlogic de Catalunya.
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