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Soil Salinity maps of the Emilia-Romagna plain

Soil salinity maps describe the status of salinity in topsoil (layer 0-50 cm) and subsoil (layer 50-100 cm), using the electrical conductivity of saturated paste extract at 25°C (dS/m). ECe values are classified according to Soil Survey Manual (1993).

These maps are a first regional-scale spatial representation derived by geo-statistical analysis on point data collected in different soil surveys.

Available maps



Web mapping

Where to query and download soil and thematic maps.

Soil on Google Earth

The website provides access to every soil map at scales from 1:1Mk to 1:50k and to all derived thematic maps on Google Earth. (Note: you must have Google Earth installed on your computer, visit Google to download Google Earth for free).

An interactive WebGis site where it’s possible to view and query soil maps of Emilia-Romagna region. To view the website pop-up blocker has to be disabled.

The website provides access to 1:50k soil map (plain and hills), point data (heavy metal monitoring, extension service soil analyses, shallow water table measurement sites) and a selection of derived thematic maps. Historical maps, land use maps, geological maps and regional park maps are available as well. (Note: to view the website pop-up blocker has to be disabled).

Catalogue of geographic data

You can query and download metadata and data in open data format (shapefiles, WMS, CSV and TXT tables).


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