Geology, soil and seismic risk

Session 2 - Soil and land planning

Oral session


3. Insights from case studies

Chairperson: Sabrina Freda, , Assessore Ambiente e Riqualificazione Urbana, Regione Emilia-Romagna

Moderator: Michele Zanelli, Regione Emilia-Romagna


Soil Survey - Potentials for the future
Robert Taildl

Conference speaker: Robert Taildl, Video icon Video presentation


Governance of soil consumption in Catalonia
Emilio Ascaso-Sastrón and Marc Vicens-Ferrer

Conference speaker: Emilio Ascaso-Sastrón, Video icon Video presentation


Urban requalification for enhancing environmental and energetic performances of consolidated urban patterns: a useful plan at crisis times
Ugo Baldini

Conference speaker: Ugo Baldini, Presentation (pdf6.93 MB), Video icon Video presentation


Urban and land use planning perequation for safeguarding  peri-urban rural areas
Stefano Stanghellini

Conference speaker: Stefano Stanghellini, Video icon Video presentation


Climate, Energy and land take as key factors for a new model of land use planning and urban design
Giovanni Fini

Conference speaker: Giovanni Fini, Presentation (pdf3.72 MB), Video icon Video presentation


Conclusions of the session
Sabrina Freda

Conference speaker: Sabrina Freda, Video icon Video presentation

4. Integration of the issues collected in the sessions: 1. Overall context, 2. Challenges, 3. Insights

Moderator: Mario Catizzone


Discussion and Closing Statements: Pillars for the governance of soil consumption.
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 Video presentation







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