Geology, soil and seismic risk

One year after the flood

Among the initiatives of the Region, the publication of landslides that occurred in May 2023, a conference, and an exhibition

One year after the floods of May 2023, the Region has organized several initiatives to commemorate the anniversary. Among these, we highlight the publication of a list of cartographic services to support emergency management and reconstruction following the events of May 2023, including the Inventory of landslides that occurred in May 2023. The inventory provides the delineation of landslides triggered by the meteorological events of May 2023, detected based on photo interpretation of high-resolution aerial and satellite images made available during the post-event phase, locally integrated with specialist surveys and data from local authorities. This work was carried out by the Territorial Defense Department of the Emilia-Romagna Region in collaboration with the Universities of Bologna and Modena and Reggio Emilia.

The conference takes its title from the homonymous exhibition by photographer Silvia Camporesi, which is the result of a survey of the territory. The Geology, Soils, and Seismic Area collaborated by accompanying experts to the most representative locations of the types of disasters that affected the area and providing photos and videos taken with a drone. The exhibition, featuring 22 large-format photos and a video, can be visited until June 16 in Forlì at the Sala del Monte di Pietà (Corso Garibaldi 37).

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