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For those who are curious by Nature


MemorandomThe book is the first editorial product of the Geological Garden Museum "Sandra Forni" and wants to be a guide to the exposure for all who the curious by Nature, as the title said. The guide does not offer a description of the collection on display but gives us the symbols and stories connected to these materials of the collection. In this way, as well as a monument is dumb if you do not know the history of art, nature becomes intelligible and attractive only if you are unable to perceive the meaning of things and their origin. A guide created by the curator of the Museum that reflects his passion for science, literature, art and everything else is the work of human intelligence and the force of Nature.


Pier Francesco Sciuto

edited by:

Servizio Geologico Sismico e dei Suoli, Regione Emilia-Romagna

Year of publication:


On demand:

tel: 051-5274792
fax: 051-5274208
e-mail segreteria


Memorandom - for those who are curious by Nature (pdf2.03 MB)


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