Geology, soil and seismic risk

Colours of the Earth

VHS, video, 25', italian and english language

DVD, video, 25', italian and english languagesNature affords different kinds of rocks, plants, animals and even soils. The latter being different in colour, depth, fertility, vary from place to place. Earth covers the terrestrial surface, it allows vegetables, animals and human beings to grow, it thus represents one of the most precious assets of humanity. This film is an invitation to learn more about the study of soil - pedology - highlighting its work practices and showing some of its characteristic landscapes. A simple and direct language, meant to make especially young people aware, explains to us all the importance of the soil as a resource which deserves to be known, protected and respected. The film participated to the First International Earth Science Film Festival (Firenze, 20-28 agosto 2004) and it has been selected for the environmental film festival 7° Cinemambiente (Torino, 22-29 ottobre 2004).

Emilia-Romagna Region, Geological Seismic and Soil Survey

Geological Seismic and Soil Survey; ITER; ETHNOS

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