Geology, soil and seismic risk

Geological Seismic and Soil Survey, Emilia-Romagna Region

year of publication: 2012

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A brochure illustrating the activities of the Geological Seismic and Soil Survey. The Survey was created in 1976 as an eminently technical entity to support the regional government policies dealing with the environmentand land planning. The mission of the Survey is to provide the Administration and society with basic,up-to-date geological, pedological and geothematic information. The remit of the Survey at present encompasses activities related to the monitoring of specific natural processes which affect the territory of Emilia-Romagna (subsidence, saltwater intrusion in groundwater, landslides, sea storms),the reduction of seismic risk and the identification and study of natural resources (water,soil, geothermal energy, mining and aggregates resources).

Geological, seismic and soil survey, Emilia-Romagna Region

Geological, seismic and soil survey

Year of publication:

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