Geological, seismic and soil survey

European projects

Projects in which is involved the Emilia-Romagna Geological seismic and soil survey

What the Region does

UE ProjectEmilia-Romagna and Geological seismic and soil survey  is carrying on european projects such as Wi-GIM Life (2014-2017) - Wireless Sensor. Network for Ground Instability Monitoring, LIFE Helpsoil (2013-1017) - Helping enhanced soil functions and adaptation to climate change by sustainable agricolture techniques; recently SNAP-SEE (2012-2014) - Sustainable aggregate supply in South- East Europe, and GeoMol (2012-2015) - assessing subsurface potentials in the Alpine foreland basins for sustainable planning and use of natural resources have been concluded.


Servizio geologico sismico e dei suoli
(Geological, seismic and soil survey)

Phone number:0039 051-5274792
Fax: 0039 051-5274208

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