Geological, seismic and soil survey

Webgis and interactive cartography

Printed cartography and maps are distributed by the Archivio Cartografico of Emilia-Romagna.

brochure 2012Webgis have been developed to publish data related to:


To see the whole webgis production, please look at the italian website.


Catalogue of geographic data

SGSS Geographic Data Catalogue

Since 2004 the SGSS built his own geographical database, composed by a lot of vectorial, raster and alphanumeric data. The "SGSS Geographic Data Catalogue provides a useful tool to access and manage this wealth of geographic information.

Geological cartography

Geological cartography

Geological cartography at scale 1:50000 geological cartography 1:10.000 scale.

The portal contains also landslides inventory data, geological sections and geognostic tests, piezometric level, grounwater quality of the plain, soil cartography, springs and acquifers, sea-cost data, geological heritage and cavities.

webgis on Landslide cartography

Landslides inventory maps

(italian language)

Coastal cartography

The sea-coast information system

An interactive website offering access to the coastal and marine maps of Emilia-Romagna Region

Geological heritage

Geological heritage, geosites and cavities

Soil on Google Earth

the website enables the consultation of soil maps at different scales

Soil cartography

the website enables the consultation of soil maps at different scales






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