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Some trekking proposals

A selection of some trekking proposals starting from 2 days to 7 days along the Alta Via dei Parchi with all the options to use public transport to reach the stages locations and services.

10_VersoilPassoStrofinatoio2_ALizzani.JPGAlta Via dei Parchi summarises all the values of the Tuscan-Aemilian Apennines: you can experience it stage by stage or by trekking for 2 or more days.  

For this reason, we thought of some proposals for trekking itineraries from 2 to 7 days, that have as a common ground the possibility to use the public transport for the links to the starting and ending locations.

Alta Via dei Parchi is a route of great suggestion for its wide landscapes, its wild nature, its traces of the history of ancient boundaries, and for the feeling of adventure and discovery that it arises. It is therefore a route that is very suitable for expert and curious hikers, but also for all those who wish experience this kind of emotions, doing their best to walk and to climb the necessary gradients. 


Our proposals


2 Days Trekking proposals


3 Days Trekking proposals


4 Days Trekking proposals


5 Days Trekking proposals


6 Days Trekking proposals


7 Days Trekking proposals

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