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The future of coasts and ports in a changing climate: needed actions and opportunities for a sustainable Blue Economy

This is the theme of the international conference held as part of the 26th Edition of Ecomondo. On the issues of the environment and coastal protection is the eighth event organized by the Emilia-Romagna Region in the context of the important Rimini Green Technology Expo, in collaboration with the Technical Scientific Committee of Ecomondo, ISPRA, GNRAC (National Group for Research on the Coastal Environment), Legambiente (Italian environmentalist association) and CPMR (Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe).

It is an event that the Emilia-Romagna Region renews every year, starting from the 18th Edition, to promote the exchange of experiences, tools and innovative ideas, at Italian, European and international level, on coastal management and adaptation to climate change, and to keep the focus on the critical issues and possible solutions to increase the resilience of these territories, environmental ecosystems,  economic and social factors strongly linked to the Blue Economy and among the most exposed to the impacts of climate change and sea level rise.

This year the aim was  to take stock of the  current status and prospects for the development and application  of strategic plans and actions for the adaptation of the coastal areas to climate change, for the mitigation of coastal risks, for the  ecological and energy transition, in order to ensure the conditions for the sustainable development of the Blue Economy, whose operators, structures and infrastructures are located in a more or less concentrated manner in coastal and port areas. Areas where, more urgently than in others, the Climate Adaptation and Ecological and Energy Transition Missions must be addressed together and with synergistic actions in order to achieve greater effectiveness for both purposes than it would be achieved by addressing them separately. Actions and interventions for which it would be desirable, starting from the European level and the Member States and already for the post-2027 programming, a deep reflection on the need to define a specific fund, adequate to the challenges to be faced, for the necessary adaptation policies and to increase the resilience of territories and coastal areas in a changing climate.

Below is the program and the speeches of the Speakers.

Ecomondo2023 COASTS AND PORTS IN A CHANGING CLIMATEVideo https://youtu.be/I3YFHr9nbHo?t=0&feature=shared

Introduction by the session chairs: Roberto Montanari (RER), Giuseppe Sciacca (CPMR), Lorenzo Cappietti (GNRAC), Enzo Pranzini University of Florence.


Session 1: Regenerating and Adapting Coastal Zones: from Necessity to Opportunity


Session 2: Green Ports, regeneration of port areas for the ecological and energy transition

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